Do you have a minimum hire period?

Yes, we have a minimum hire period of one month. We found it took approximately one week for our newborn baby's sleep to improve, however we've heard from other parents it took closer to 4 weeks (especially for older babies).

What’s included?

The monthly price is all inclusive with no additional bonds or cleaning fees!

You’ll receive the Snoo, mattress, 1 sheet and 3 swaddles (1 small, 1 medium and 1 large).

You only pay extra if you're after a brand new sheet and swaddles.

How do you clean the Snoo?

We take cleanliness very seriously and ensure every Snoo is thoroughly cleaned and in an excellent, like-new condition ready for your baby! The cleaning process includes vacuuming, steaming and disinfecting. All swaddles and sheets are cleaned in hypoallergenic detergent.

How do I receive and return the Snoo?

The Snoo simply needs to be collected from and returned to our centrally located Adelaide address (within 5km of the CBD).

Where can I purchase additional accessories?

We found we never required more than one swaddle at a time but if you're after more they can be easily purchased on the Happiest Baby website.

I haven’t had my baby yet, can I book in advance to ensure availability?

Absolutely! You can register your interest and nominate your starting month through the 'Rent Later' function on our website.

A $50 deposit is payable that will come off your first month payment if you go ahead with the rental. If you change your mind and let us know more than one month before your start date we'll refund your $50.00 deposit.

What happens if I’ve hired for 3 months but realise after 1 month the Snoo isn’t for my baby?

Not a problem, we understand the Snoo doesn't work for every baby. Once your first month is over simply return the Snoo and we’ll refund any unused days.

What happens if I've hired for 6 months but my baby has outgrown the Snoo at 4 months?

Not a problem, we understand babies come in all shapes and sizes and grow at different rates. Once your baby has outgrown it simply return the Snoo and we’ll refund any unused days.