Our Story

Our little love, Ada (born March 2020) was our introduction to the Snoo.

Like a lot of newborns, Ada slept well…in our arms. She slept so poorly in her bassinet that we gave up on it after a few nights and instead alternated every few hours, one of us awake on the couch with Ada, the other asleep in bed. We were completely exhausted and knew that the routine was not sustainable and was bordering on unsafe! On top of that we were battling feeding issues as well as living in a global pandemic! We were beginning to get desperate and when we came across the Snoo only briefly hesitated at the cost. Turns out you really can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep!

Ada’s sleep improved within days and by 2.5 months she was sleeping 10-12 hours straight overnight! The super safe swaddle also provided peace of mind as there was no risk of blankets accidentally covering her face or accidental rolls. Ada no longer needed to sleep on us, we no longer needed to walk the halls for hours to settle her, it was just a matter of zipping up Ada in the Snoo, pressing a button and we were all getting an amazing night sleep! Obviously the Snoo is not impervious to sleep regressions and normal baby developmental leaps, but even through Ada’s sleep regression, the Snoo was so helpful with assisting settling and ensuring Ada (and us) went straight back to sleep after a night feed. The weaning function also ensured a very smooth transition to the cot when she eventually outgrew the Snoo.

Naturally, the Snoo is not a replacement to a responsive child-parent relationship, instead it acts as a helpful additional resource to busy, sleep-deprived new parents.